Andy and Tangi Miller(Elena Tyler-"Felicity")

Maggie Egan(ISN reporter "Babylon5"), Andy and Virginia Hey(Zhaan-"Farscape")

Sandi Findlay(Sly Moore-"Starwars2") and Andy

Amanda Tapping(Samantha Carter-"Stargate-SG1") and Andy

Amanda and Brenda(Andy's Wife)

Amanda and "Little Sue"

Michael Shanks(Daniel Jackson-"Stargate-SG1") and "Little Sue"

Colin Cunningham(Major Davis-"Stargate-SG1") and Andy

Lani Tapu(Crais-"Farscape"), Colin, Anthony Simcoe(D'argo-"Farscape") and David Franklin(Braca-"Farscape")

Colin, Lani, Andy, David, Jonathon Hardy(Voice of Rigel-"Farscape") and Anthony

Colin, David, "Little Sue", Jonathan and Lani

Andy and Nicole deBoer(Dax-"Startrek DS9")

Robert Duncan McNeil(ST-VOY) and Andy

Andy and Teryl Rothery(Dr Fraser-"Stargate SG1")

Roxann Dawson(B'Elanna-"ST:VOY"), Andy and Garrett Wang(Harry-"ST:VOY")

Tim Russ(Tuvok-"ST:VOY") and Andy

Andy, Robert Picardo(The Doctor-"ST:VOY") and Brenda

Stephanie and Adele
Andyg Photos
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